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7 Best Mom Clothes for Postpartum

Rakshitha S

Sep 21, 2023

A variety of mom clothes are needed during postpartum, a time of transition for new moms on a physical, mental, and emotional level. It can be the time of year when you feel the best about yourself, but it can also be when you think the worst. 

It’s time to start working out again after everything you’ve been through. By dressing in postpartum mom clothes that are flattering to your body type, you will be surprised at how much further along you can get with your exercise routine.


7 Types of the Best Postpartum Mom Clothes

The best mom clothes for after giving birth are ones that make you feel good, comfortable, and confident. And since most new moms experience some degree of postpartum body changes, finding a style that works for you now is essential. Here are the best mom clothes you need after giving birth to your little one.

Postpartum Panties

Postpartum panties are designed to fit your changing body after childbirth. The panties are made of soft, breathable fabric that minimizes the likelihood of chafing.

The fabric wicks sweat away, keeping you cool, dry, and refreshed. Postpartum panties come in various sizes, so you’ll always have a good, secure fit.

Get as many hideous-looking mesh panties as possible in the hospital. These are disposable, soft, and sized to fit over the enormous maternity pads you’ll need early in postpartum. Choose underwear that is both loose and roomy enough to fit your large frame.

Appropriate Bras

While nursing, it is crucial to wear a bra that fits well, provides adequate support, and is easy to adjust. If you plan on wearing a front-closing dress or top, you should shop for a bra that can be quickly and easily undone.

You should invest in supportive nursing bras to breastfeed your baby all night. If you don’t do this, your bed will be wet and milky in the morning. 

Even if you don’t plan to breastfeed, you’ll need a bra that fits nursing pads. Wear them continuously until your breasts stop producing milk. As your breasts shrink, sports bras are excellent mom clothes that can keep your breast pads firmly in place.

Nursing Tops

Nursing tops are most commonly worn by mothers while breastfeeding. They’re comfortable and easy to use. With so many different bottoms, you can wear them long after you have a baby. Shirts with removable pads and tank tops with built-in bras are available. 

Nursing tops are most effective when they don’t restrict chest movement. Many nursing tops allow you to easily feed your child by releasing a strap or pulling a piece of fabric to one side. These items make feedings much more accessible at home and on the go. 


Add a robe to your postpartum mom clothes collection

If you underwent a C-section, tight clothing irritates your incision, so you may find it more comfortable to spend time in your underwear or very little clothing. Relax and enjoy your freedom if that’s the case. If the doorbell rings or you have unexpected visitors, you can quickly change into your robe and relax without worrying about looking presentable.

Robes are excellent mom clothes when the temperature drops, but you don’t have the energy to change into warmer clothing. When you wake up to feed your baby or change diapers, putting on a robe is the perfect solution. You can still use a beautiful robe long after your postpartum period has ended, making it a worthwhile purchase.

Nursing Dress

Postpartum mom clothes should also include nursing dresses. Nursing dresses are convenient for new moms because they can be worn before and after delivery. A nursing dress is a fantastic option for new mothers because of its adaptability.

Warmer weather makes them more comfortable, but they are often overlooked. Wear something that allows air circulation but doesn’t resemble sweatshirts and t-shirts.

Breastfeeding moms will also appreciate them because they make it easy to reach the chest area. It is convenient to wear a nursing dress if you want to get dressed and go for a walk without changing clothes.

Loose Pants

After giving birth, women should wear comfortable, loose-fitting mom clothes. Many new mothers appreciate having large living quarters after giving birth, and these provide that.

Pajamas, loungewear, athletic wear, or whatever else makes you feel most at ease are all considerable options. The only thing to remember is that looser pants are easier to put on and take off without bending over at the waist, so opt for pants with a bit of give in the legs.

Following delivery, this should be considered carefully during the first few weeks. Bending at the waist can be challenging if you’re experiencing pain or discomfort. Wearing loose-fitting pants also hides that you’re concealing extra-large maternity pads from view.

Oversize Wrap/Sweater

It is one of the most sought-after postpartum mom clothes today. A wrap-style sweater is an easy way to cover up during the early days of breastfeeding. It also provides extra warmth as you adjust to life with a new baby. 

Be careful not to buy a sweater or wrap that is too large. Consider purchasing one that is intentionally oversized instead. The key here is the garment cut style of the mom clothes.

You can’t wear a standard sweater that’s two sizes too big. You can’t comfortably wear this item because it has large arms, shoulders, and neck, even if the bottom fits well. Oversized items will fit your upper body well but will be too big in the torso and hips, where you need them most.



Why should I wear postpartum mom clothes?

Postpartum clothes can help you feel confident and comfortable while getting back into shape after having a baby. They are designed to fit your body as it changes during pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding, making them ideal for wearing.

Can I still wear tight clothes after birth?

No matter how you give birth, you should avoid tight clothing right after the delivery. Taking care of your scar is your responsibility after a C-section; avoid rubbing or pressing the scar.
If you're still feeling sore or uncomfortable in the weeks following childbirth, it's best to be cautious. Avoid tight-fitting outfits for a while.

When will I know if my uterus is back to normal?

At your postpartum checkup, your doctor will see if your uterus had returned to its size before you became pregnant. Your doctor may recommend an ultrasound if they notice that your uterus isn't decreasing in size as it should (a condition known as subinvolution).

When will I fit into jeans again?

Although everyone is different, on average, it takes about six weeks to regain the weight you had before pregnancy. The range is three to twelve weeks, with six weeks being the typical time frame.



Once a woman gives birth, her body goes through a dramatic transformation. These modifications will affect your body, feelings, and thoughts. One of the many reasons why it’s crucial to wear comfortable, flattering maternity clothes during this time is because of how you’ll feel in them.

After giving birth, it can be difficult for women to feel confident in their bodies. Women are more likely to feel at ease in their clothing after giving birth if it is made of stretchy material that allows for greater freedom of movement than conventional garments. This aids women in their postpartum recovery as well. There’s no reason to feel like you can’t look stunning postpartum.

Rakshitha S

Rakshitha's goal is to empower parents to make confident decisions about their baby's care and well-being. She believes that every parent deserves access to high-quality, reliable information, and is committed to providing that through her writing and expertise.

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