Baby Pull Up Diaper Cloth | Cloth diaper for babies | pull up diapers for baby | washable diapers for babies


Baby Pull Up Diaper Cloth | Cloth diaper for babies | pull up diapers for baby | washable diapers for babies

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Product Description

Train your toddler with style!!

What is the purpose of a baby pull-up diaper cloth?

Pull-up cloth diapers are basically baby cloth diapers that are washable. It is designed in different sizes to accommodate babies of different ages. This soft and breathable material helps babies stay comfortable as they are being potty trained.

It contains a waterproof TPU layer that locks the liquid inside and makes sure that the diaper does not leak and keeps the baby dry and rash-free.

Why should you use pull-up baby diapers?

GoLampin has high-quality products that are 100% brand new. The products go through quality checks to ensure that they are premium quality products.

Product Specification


0 to 3 years old


100 % Cotton


  • 6 layered training pants
  • Printed cloth
  • Reusable
  • Soft fabric
  • Breathable material that allows the baby to stay comfortable

Absorption level

Good absorption

The waterproof TPU layer keeps the baby’s skin dry and rash free


The sizes are mentioned as per the weight of the baby in kgs.

  • 80 0-10 KG
  • 90 10-13 KG
  • 100 13-16 KG
  • 110 16-20 KG


Cloth pull-up diapers for babies are designed using 100% cotton. The washable cloth diaper outside is pure cotton fabric. The crotch is made of cotton with a layer of towel material that absorbs liquid well. Also, the crotch has a TPU waterproof layer that enhances absorption and keeps the baby dry. The gauze is soft and works well in keeping moisture in.
Yes, you can easily wash and reuse the pull-up baby diapers. The cotton material is an easy fabric to wash and removing stains is a breeze. The TPU coat is waterproof and at the same time, it allows breathability. The towel material has a good water-locking effect.
We have designed these pull-up baby diapers for the age group of newborns to toddlers. Toddler training should start with providing the best cloth diapers so that they will not leak and the baby feels confident while training.

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