Umbrella Handle Edition Baby Stroller | Cloth Pad Chair Baby Stroller | Umbrella Handle 701 Edition Baby Stroller |


Umbrella Handle Edition Baby Stroller | Cloth Pad Chair Baby Stroller | Umbrella Handle 701 Edition Baby Stroller |

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What is an Umbrella Handle Baby Stroller?

An Umbrella Handle Baby Stroller is a stroller that can be used to seat babies. Carrying babies around especially when they grow a little older can get challenging. If you are out shopping and can't leave them alone at home or are just going to visit the park for a quick break, you can use the Umbrella Handle Baby Stroller.

You can use the baby stroller to seat your baby so that both you and the baby can be completely comfortable. This baby stroller also guarantees complete safety so parents do not have to worry about their child slipping away or getting hurt in any way.

Why is it essential to have an Umbrella Handle Baby Stroller?

A baby stroller is one of the most essential items you need to have as a parent because it would make day-to-day tasks easier, even when outside the home. Practically speaking, you can only hold your baby for a limited time. After that, chances are your hands will get sore and if you have other kids to handle, things can get even more hectic. Having a baby stroller around can solve all these problems.


  • Built to ensure durability.
  • Lightweight and easy to carry around.
  • Spacious enough to accommodate the baby.
  • Equipped with a cloth pad chair to maximize comfort.
  • Ideal for the baby’s spine protection.
  • Washable and Easy to Fold when Traveling.



Max Bearing weight:


Available Colors:

Blue, Pink, Green


0 months to 3 years


A cotton pad, Cup Holder, and Mosquito Net


Yes, when used with care and caution, strollers can be used for newborn babies without compromising safety
We have a 10 days return policy.
It is preferred not to leave them in strollers for more than 2 hours in one go.
Yes, because of all the comfort and ease it can bring to your family, buying a stroller is worth it.


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