Baby Teether and pacifier | Fruit teether for baby | Silicone fruit teether for baby | Food grade silica gel teether


Baby Teether and pacifier | Fruit teether for baby | Silicone fruit teether for baby | Food grade silica gel teether

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A teether is a chew toy that is provided to teething infants. It is essential to use a teether because it helps to soothe babies’ gums usually at the time when their teeth start coming in. Baby fruit teether or pacifier stores fresh or frozen fruits, vegetables, ice chips, and breast milk.

Different stages of using a baby teether:

Stage 1 is the sprouting period when the teeth have not officially grown out, and the baby will feel uncomfortable in the gums. The gutta-percha of stage one can be put in the refrigerator, and the cold touch can relieve the swelling and pain of the baby's gums before teething.

At stage 2 most babies are 6 months old, and a pair of incisors in the lower jaw will start to grow. At this time, use a frozen teether to massage the soft and tender teeth to relieve discomfort; hard teether massages the gums, and the uneven surface of the gum also stimulates the baby's brain development.

After that at stage 3 baby grows up and down four teeth, when the baby grows 4 side incisors and 4 canine teeth. It is recommended to choose a pacifier that is similar in shape to a pacifier, is lighter, and is easy to grasp.

At Stage 4 the baby is 1-2 years old. It is the period of long deciduous molars. Use fixed teeth gums that can reach a large range of teeth. The baffle prevents the throat from touching, and the soft and hard mixed texture layer can reduce the cause of large teeth.


Without packaging: 33g

Suitable age:

More than 3 months

Product size:



The best time to consider giving your child a teether is between the ages of 4 and 10 months.
You put the teether in your baby's mouth when the new teeth start to develop. This helps babies get comfort and relief when they start growing up.
It is made of Food grade silica gel that does not contain Bisphenol A and non-latex products.


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