270ml Baby Feeding Bottle | High-quality feeding bottle for baby | BPA-FREE feeding bottle


270ml Baby Feeding Bottle | High-quality feeding bottle for baby | BPA-FREE feeding bottle

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What is a Baby Feeding Bottle?

A baby feeding bottle or otherwise called a nursing bottle, is a bottle with a nipple head used for feeding babies. These nursing bottles help babies drink their milk stored in the bottle quickly and comfortably.

Why is it essential to have a baby feeding bottle?

Baby feeding bottles are designed to be an alternative to breastfeeding. Many moms, when they are unable to feed because of some situations, use these baby feeding bottles to bottle-feed the baby.

If you have a baby feeding bottle, anyone at your home can feed the baby, which also helps you spend some time with your husband and other children.

Some advantages of having a nursing bottle are:

  • Anyone can feed the baby.
  • You can feed your baby in public places.
  • You can make your baby feel comfortable while feeding, even while traveling.
  • It helps you when you are under medications.
  • You can still use the nursing bottle even if your baby is lactose intolerant.

This 270ml Baby Feeding Bottle SZ-173 feeding bottle is designed for a seamless experience with high-quality materials. To make nursing more convenient and accessible for the baby, this also attempts to mimic the actual breastfeeding experience.

Features of the bottle :

  • 270ml
  • standard neck
  • safe for babies as it is BPA FREE
  • Durable
  • Made of environmental polypropylene material
  • Nipple made of food-grade silica gel
  • Designed with double handles help babies to practice their abilities of feeding and holding objects
  • Filter to ensure that the milk flows smoothly during suction


You can start using a feeding bottle for your baby after 3-4 weeks.
When you start using bottles, some babies can use it naturally, while some babies take time to learn how to use nursing bottles.
The risk of infection and microorganisms is everywhere, however, you can reduce the risk by making sure to sterilize and clean the bottle before and after every use.
In the initial stages, until the baby gets trained to suck the liquid from the bottle, the mom or any other person who feeds should pump.

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