Manual Breast Pump | Manual Breast Pump for nursing and breastfeeding | Silicone Manual Breast Pump


Manual Breast Pump | Manual Breast Pump for nursing and breastfeeding | Silicone Manual Breast Pump

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As a parent, you must be acquainted with the massage breast pump. The manual breast pumps are used on a single breast at a time and are usually hand-operated. For proper functioning, you can just place the shield over your breast and operate the pump with your other hand. The breast pump is not very heavy so you can easily carry it.

Manufacturing of breast pump:

The breast pump consists of a breast shield massage suction cover, pressure respirator, and feeding bottle which contains mum milk. It has a cow sheep head cover that is made of silicon. Due to this reason, the soft character could bring a tender feeling to mum. It has a dot design that helps to eliminate the pain from pumping.


  • The product is made of silicone.
  • The product is made from PP- Polypropylene (BPA Free).
  • It has fewer parts and fewer accessories. Due to this reason, it is easier to clean with easy disassembly.
  • It has a very unique design based on the human engineer through which mum could control the tempo of the suction.
  • It helps in alleviating pain.
  • It is Lightweight.


There can be many reasons why you might need a breast pump. Firstly, you might need it if you are away from your baby or if your baby is ill or premature. You can also need a breast pump to express the milk if your breasts seem uncomfortably full.
They are available in a variety of sizes, but you must select the one that is appropriate for your breast size. If the size of the shield is small, the nipple will get rubbed against the sides. On the other hand, if the size is too large, the funnel will pull the areola, which will eventually cause soreness and affect the milk flow. You can't determine the right size of the shield by looking at the fact that the nipple fits into the funnel very easily.
Manual pumps are typically ineffective for infrequent use of less than once per day. As they are discreet, short-term usage, i.e., less than 4 weeks, is preferred.


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