Two-Way Baby Stroller | all seasons Baby Stroller | Steel Pipe Two-Way T8 Edition Baby Stroller |


Two-Way Baby Stroller | all seasons Baby Stroller | Steel Pipe Two-Way T8 Edition Baby Stroller |

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Product Description

Make your baby feel comfortable that he is not alone outside the house!!

What Is a Two-Way Baby Stroller?

The only difference between a standard and a two-way baby stroller is that you can push the cart from both ways.

Whether to do it from the back of the cart or push it in a reversed position, other features like an adjustable seat and handle, 360-degree wheels with brakes, and adjustable footrest and overhead cover are the same as standard baby strollers.

Why Do You Need a Two-Way Baby Stroller?

Two-way baby strollers help you to stay in front of your child if he feels uncomfortable when you are not in their sight.

You also need this stroller to monitor your baby’s activity while outside.

Another good reason to have this cart is that you can feed your child while walking in the park - thanks to the rotatable parent tray.



Steel Pipe


Two ways handle in the front and back

Colors Available

  • Green
  • Khaki
  • Pink


Universal - suitable for all seasons

Suitable Age

6-12 months, 1-3 years old, 0-6 months



Product Category

Four-wheel cart

Load-Bearing Capacity



  • Cotton pad
  • Mosquito nets
  • Cup holders
  • Foot cover


Two-way baby strollers are beneficial in several ways:
  • You have the flexibility to push the cart from both directions.
  • You can keep him away from the rush by pushing the cart from the front and slipping the covers up.
  • Also, you can feed your baby by turning the stroller and using the feeding tray attached to the handle.
  • Recline the seat, slip the covers, and your child can relax and go to sleep while watching you.
Yes, you can conveniently wash the stroller with mild soap and tap water. Rub the dirt and debris off with a soft brush. Clean the wheels, and there you go.
Baby strollers are designed for babies from 0 - 3 years. The standard weight carrying capacity of a stroller is 15kg. As soon as your child learns to walk and run, it would be best if you stopped using a stroller.
Yes, you can conveniently fold the stroller. It folds in a flat position and can easily fit into your car. So, you can also take it with you while traveling.

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